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   The goal of the MYCA education department is to “provide students with a positive learning experience that result in the overall academic improvement in the areas of reading comprehension, language usage, spelling, math computation and math application, while working toward the attainment of the HiSet”.    

The measure of academic excellence at MYCA is to raise scale scores on the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) or obtain a HiSet (formerly GED).  Students at MYCA are placed in classes according to their performance on the TABE. Each class will follow the MYCA curriculum, however modifications will be made to the day to day lesson planning relating the curriculum to the educational level of the student.

If cadets want or need to work on additional credits, they will be assigned independent study courses, supervised and supported by staff. Our counselors contact the school and parents to be sure this is a viable option. 

Students with appropriate tabe level and background have the opportunity to take a high school curriculum track, on-site classes in Algebra 2, American Literature, U.S. Government, and Environmental Science.