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The Herald-News | James Walling | January 17, 2019

White Horse is one of two area youth who successfully completed the academy’s 22-week residential phase, during which attendees focus on physical fitness, academic excellence, leadership-followership, responsible citizenship, service to the community, life-coping skills, job skills and health andhygiene.

Wolf Point’s Adam Taylor also graduated with MYCA Class 39.
"Deciding to come here was not an easy choice," said White Horse in her commencement speech. "I had second thoughts about staying and completing the program. But like many of us, I had friends and family supporting me along the way. Without them (including my mentor), my motivation for completing the program may not have been enough."

After graduating from the residential phase, White Horse and Taylor enter a 12-month post-residential phase in which they each are expected to maintain ongoing contact with volunteer mentors in their community who provide additional guidance and support.

MYCA offers HiSET (GED) testing and a high school credit recovery program. Whitehorse and Taylor both availed themselves of the credit recovery option and plan to graduate from Wolf Point High School.
MYCA was founded in 1999 and has graduated 2,985 cadets.


The academy’s focus is to assist youth ages 16-18 by helping them develop academic and life skills. MYCA receives 75 percent of its funding from the federal government and 25 percent from the State of Montana. It is cost-free for participants and their families.

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